Tippy Assam Loose Black Tea Pouch 100g Whittard


Believe it or not, for all the different varieties of tea there are only two different types of tea plant - one of which originates in Assam, the Camellia assamica. When the British discovered the plants growing wild in the region to the far north-east of India back in the 19th century, they couldn't have been more delighted: after centuries of tricky trade relations with the Chinese they could finally grow their own tea. Our founder Walter Whittard was quick to catch on to the 'Empire Tea' craze, creating a strong, malty tea with substantial body and a rich amber colour.

Our signature Assam has a small neat leaf with plenty of golden 'tip': in other words, the best part of the bush. Rolled in the traditional manner for that authentic Assam taste, it's brilliant at breakfast with a splash of milk.


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