Tired of the same tea day after day? Admittedly we've never known the feeling. From Chinese green teas and black tea grown in Assam to our very own house blends, there’s plenty to discover in this hand-picked collection, with 20 traditional teabags of each tea. 

• Teas featured: Jasmine, Afternoon Tea, Marrakech Mint, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Rose, Russian Caravan and Tippy Assam

• Tea types included: 5x black, 2x green and 1x black, oolong and green blend

• Number of servings (using 1 teabag per cup): 8 x 20 traditional teabags = 20 cups of each tea – that's a grand total of 160 cuppas!

• Serving suggestion: Enjoy hot

Afternoon: 70% Black Tea, 29% Green Tea , Bergamot flavouring
Marrakech Mint: 80% Green Tea, 20% Peppermint
English Rose: 95% Black Tea, Flavouring
Tippy Assam: Black Tea
Russian Caravan: Black Tea
Jasmine: Green Tea
English Breakfast: Black Tea
Earl Grey: Black Tea, Flavouring

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans


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