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Garden Dance Pink 9 oz. Travel Tea Glass Infuser Libre
Brand NEW in our Libre Life Collection is our 'Pretty in Pink', new Garden Dance style!!! It is a fun filigree of buds and leaves in swirls of pink and silver. The lid, base and filter surround are a beautiful deep pink and the swirls are of 'ballet pink' ( we all know what that is :)), dark fuchsia and silver foil - yes it sparkles and is the right everyday muse to enjoy your tea moments!! This new addition to the colourful Libre Life Collection is perfect for us girls! It is THE color most requested so we went to our award winning designer and it’s gorgeous!! This 'Pretty in Pink' style is super for healthy and economical hydration 'on the go' - try it for fruit infusions. Berries, citrus, or cucumber waters look and taste fantastic infused in just regular clean water! No sugar, no fake flavours and so economical - even comes with its own snack after a couple of water refills! And yes, it is perfect for tea - with 2 ways to make tea in a Libre - see our 'how to' page. Herbals to sooth and calm your day, a dark black to give oomph or a lite green to enjoy knowing it’s so good for you. Or shake it up!! - The filter in the Libre glass is a perfect shaker screen - matcha tea comes out so smooth and frothy and even a quick protein shake is easy to take 'on the go'. So 'Pink it up' and enjoy your beverages knowing that the glass interior is flavour free for the next drink and so easily washed with its wide mouth AND you know it’s so durable so everyday bumps are not an issue!! Pretty and Practical in PINK! The Libre tea glass – an opportunity for tea moments all year round.


Volume: 9 oz. (260mL)

Size: approximately 7.5” all, 2.5” diameter

Materials: glass, BPA-free poly Tritan, stainless steel

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